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Aroma De Merrie



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You've probably seen it before, a particularly strange metal pair of “scissors” with a small plate.

With its curved shape, the wick trimmer is easy to use in any container, small, deep, or big, you can use the same tool! It makes a clean cut of the wick while recovering the debris.

You know what they say: if you look good, you feel good and that's no different when it comes to candles. If you want your candle to look as good as it smells and burns safely and cleanly (without causing a fire hazard), then you need to trim your wick regularly.

It's important for so many reasons but let's name a few:

Clean burn: avoid dark smoke (and smoke alarm detector!), Clean container: avoid smoky candle jars, Better fragrance diffusion: enhance the scent diffusion while burning, Burn safely: a longer wick creates a higher flame which can be dangerous, and Prevent mushrooming: remove the build-up of carbon

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