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Aroma De Merrie



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We know you like to keep your candle burning for as long as possible, but sometimes, the flame gets too high, or the wick shifts out of place.

That's where our multi-purpose wick dipper comes in. It’s a great tool for extinguishing a flame without producing any smoke, removing debris from the wax pool and moving an out-of-place wick back in line.

To extinguish the flame, simply use the dipper to bend the wick at an angle until it’s fully submerged in the liquid wax. This will kill the flame without producing any smoke. Be sure to pull the wick out of the wax and straighten it immediately so that it doesn’t get lost or shifted out of the center. Putting out the wick in its own wax actually conditions the wick, which can make it easier to light and burn cleaner during subsequent burns.

Sometimes a bit of burnt wick or a piece of a match can fall into your candle's wax pool once you extinguish it and if you've burned your candle on an uneven surface or if it has burned for longer than 4 hours (recommended burn time), then your wick can sometimes shift out of the center!
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