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Aroma De Merrie

Palo Santo Ceramic Stone Diffuser

Palo Santo Ceramic Stone Diffuser

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Introducing our Palo Santo Ceramic Stone Diffuser, the ideal enhancement for transforming the atmosphere in your car, closet, and luggage.

Immerse yourself in the opulence of velvety, smoky woodsy notes that will elevate the fragrance of your personal spaces, exuding an aura of sophistication and luxury. With meticulous design, this diffuser seamlessly incorporates the warm and lavish fragrances of velvety woods, ensuring that your car, closet, and luggage radiate the essence of a high-end experience. Elevate your daily routines with the captivating aroma of Palo Santo, savoring the exclusive woodsy notes that embrace your surroundings.

Here's how to use your ceramic stone diffuser effectively: Spray it one to two times per week, making sure to avoid spraying it near your clothing. Consistently repeat this procedure every week for optimal results.


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