1. Place your reed diffuser somewhere suitable in your home in a spot where it won't be knocked over or investigated by curious children or pets.
  2. Untie the reeds sticks and place them in the bottle's oil and allow them to sit for one hour. By the end of the hour, you should start to notice the sticks slowly absorbing the oil. 
  3. Carefully, flip the reeds upside down (recommended to do so over a sink) and place back into the bottle to saturate the top part of the reeds that stick out above oil level. This helps to speed up the process of the oil soaking up from the bottom diffusing through the entire reed. Expect a light fragrance to start perfuming your room within 24 hours.


  • How many reeds should I use?

What if it’s too strong for me?

If you prefer a lighter aroma or you are using the diffuser in a small room, such as a bathroom, you may choose to use fewer reeds than is provided, thereby producing a more delicate fragrance as fewer reeds mean slower diffusion.

What if it’s not strong enough for me?

If you prefer a stronger aroma or you are using the diffuser in a large room, such as an open plan living area, you may choose to use all the reeds that are provided, therefore producing a stronger fragrance as more reeds mean faster diffusion.


  • How long will my diffuser last?

Our diffusers can last approximately 6 months, depending on the surrounding conditions it is kept in. There are several factors that will affect how long your reed diffuser will last and the amount of fragrance it releases.

Factors that will affect how long your reed diffuser will last

1. Number of reeds used - fewer reeds for slower absorption & diffusion. More reeds for faster absorption & diffusion. The number of reeds used is dependent on the size of the room and the factors below

2. The airflow around your diffuser (if close to a fan, air conditioning or an open window the reeds will soak up the oil faster) can affect the diffusion rate of your fragrance oil.

3. Sitting in the high heat of direct sunlight in the hotter months, or next to a heater, will result in an increased absorption and diffusion rate due to faster evaporation.

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